Learning more about the first personal computer with Wozniak

libro iwoz, mi kindle y el mando de la Tele

Many of you may think that I might have happened to meet with Steve Wozniak, one of Apple’s founders, but I’m not that lucky.  I bought his biography, iWoz, in the FNAC some days ago, and I definitely liked his point of view of many parts of the story we all know. In the book, Steve confirms which things are wrong.

I’m in love with history, especially the one related to computers and the Internet. Yes, I’m a real Freak. While I am reading iWoz I realise that even if it seems that we always arrive late to revolutions, there are always revolutions to start.

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Youtube experiment

I’ll try to carry out an experiment with youtube XML in the Spanish domain VideoPlayer.es. Update: this project is closed …

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Carrero.es is beginning

After a lot of time considering what to do, we’re beginning today. There were many people who asked why we …

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