Something new is waiting for me… Starting up a business again!

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Today, 21st February 2013, is the day I’ve chosen to embark on a new direction, starting up a business again!

After Ferca network’s (1998-2008) adventure and its later sale to Acens, where I actively participated as a partner —until August 2011, when Acens was sold to Telefónica— and as a tireless worker until today. I think it’s time to start a new journey. And I’m starting it today.

During these years, I’ve tried, as much as possible, not to abandon my business angel and entrepreneur side. Those who already know me are aware that I’m participating in projects as well as executing them.

Before explaining briefly what will be my new entrepreneurial adventure, I would like to note the projects in which I participate as a partner and founder at the moment:

  • Color vivo Internet: an enterprise of web design and development with a clear focus on WordPress, and online shops with Prestashop. We started with this project more than 15 years ago, together with my brother Jaime Carrero and most of the work team from Ferca Network.

  • Nervia Digital: an enterprise builder of projects, a new adventure where we’ve learned much more from our failures than from our achievements. And where we also hope to learn from the enterprises in which we participate and that are doing a great job.

  • Acumbamail: which we can consider as the «Spanish mailchimp», an e-mail marketing platform which is already verifying that there is still space in the market; with Iñaki, Rafa, Carlos and Miguel.

  • And I don’t forget about other active adventures as: Bubok, Medios y Redes, FactorLibre, FDI, WNTC, Feebbo, Cofinanciero with José Ramón Carrero, and other projects where I have collaborated as a partner, cofounder or as a mere consultant.

  • And, of course, I can’t avoid mentioning those failures that have also be useful to learn over and over again.

Starting up a business thinking big, something worldwide, not local

One thing I’ve learned during all these years is, without any doubt, that I always thought «locally». Spain was my market and it has been very difficult to get rid of that mistake. Now, I think globally. We think globally, or as it’s commonly said we think big (without letting slide details and small things). If you want your project to have more chances, you should consider the world as your market.

Stackscale is a project which is born in the Netherlands, by the hand of my partners David Sánchez and Javier Primo, with a clear international vocation to bring cloud computing closer to the enterprises, with adapted solutions to the most demanding needs of high availability and server and geographical load balancing, and a lot of things more that I will comment shortly. My new job will be no other than being in charge of the creation of «Stackscale España«.

landing stackscale cloud hosting

Naturally, to end this farewell, which is not such, since I stay in Madrid and since it’s just a ‘see you soon’, I’d like to mention some of those great colleagues in Acens next to whom I have been able to learn a lot during these years in Madrid, in a big enterprise, especially now, with Telefónica Movistar. Errol Vanderhost is the friend who has taught me the most during the time we’ve shared in Acens. He’s an incomparable professional, North American and with a vision of business and a vision of how to work which is, without any doubt, a clear example for many people. I must also mention Raquel Madrigal (hammer away at Analytics), Irene García, Tivo Fernández, Manuel Gómez, Inma Castellanos, Jesús Marrone, Antonia González, Alberto Vinuesa, Koldo Esteban, and lots of more colleagues in this great period. Oh!, I neither forget its CEO, José Cerdán, I am sure we will often met, since I’m staying in Madrid.

For those who know me, my mobile phone is still the same, but my Acens’ e-mail doesn’t work anymore, so you might write me to david AT You can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIN.

Photo from the entrepreneur’s documentary entry in El Confidencial. Just adding that text’s revision has been possible thanks to my sister Lola Carrero, who is also in charge of beginning to translate

Original post in Spanish by David Carrero Fernández-Baíllo and translation by Dolores María Carrero Fernández-Baíllo.